Our Policies

Terms & Conditions, Refund Policy, Pricing & Promotion Policy.

Refunds Policy

Pesheni Services encourages "buyers" and "sellers" to work amicably to settle ay disputes. Buyers are encouraged to give sellers a opportunity to modify, adjust or address any proposals done, to satisfy the buyer.

Refund requests can be made though Pesheni Services BEFORE Proposal is completed and work is done/order fulfilled.

In Proposals related to courses, programs, teachings, etc, Buyers are encouraged to contact Sellers via the Pesheni Services platform and to speak with them BEFORE purchasing their Proposal.

Chargebacks with Buyers credit card companies will be disputed by Pesheni Services on behalf of the Sellers and if allowed, award to Seller. Buyer accounts may be removed from Pesheni Services for chargebacks, to prevent fraud.

After a Buyer places a order for a proposal, the buyer may cancel for a full refund within 2 hours and before the Seller begins work on the Proposal. In the case of courses, programs, teachings, etc, contact the Seller BEFORE placing your order.

If you have ay questions, are not satisfied with a service, please contact Pesheni Customer Services.